Natural baked bread

Fabrique is a stone oven bakery from Stockholm, Sweden. What we do is simple, but far from common. We use fresh, natural ingredients and traditional methods to make make artisanal sourdough bread.
We bake it in a stone oven for the taste. And, because we bake by hand and take our time to get the best results, our bread is as healthy as it is delicious.

No shortcuts to good bread

Over the last century, technology has helped people live better lives in lots of ways. But, when it comes to bread-making, industrial innovations have only resulted in time savings. Not quality improvements.
Because, when when you speed up the baking process, the bread becomes less good to eat, and less nourishing. That’s why we’d never do it.
All our bread is made with traditional methods, allowing ample time to get that mouthwatering taste and texture of hand made bread.

Ingredients: time and TLC

These days, many people have never experienced what real bread can taste like. That’s why we started Fabrique. To provide a distinctive alternative to factory-baked products, and help everyone re-discover the pleasure of real, honest bread made with time and TLC.
Since 2008, we’ve opened up eleven bakeries in Stockholm. Now we’re very excited to be opening our first bakery in London’s Shoreditch. Come by and experience how good bread really can be.